What does the Foreign Qualification entail?

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What does the Foreign Qualification entail?

Do you have a company incorporated in Delaware and want to do business in other U.S. states? Or, do you have a company in another state and want to enter the Delaware market? In short, if you want to conduct your business in states other than the one your company is incorporated in, you should consider applying for “Foreign Qualification.”

If you wish to register your business in a state in which your business is considered to be “alien”, you need tp get a Certificate of Registration (or Certificate of Authority) at the end of the registering process. With this registration, you will be able to protect your business according to the state that you run your business. For instance, by registering your Delaware-based business to California, you will be able to protect your business within the borders of Delaware General Corporate Law and legally conduct your business in California by the local legislation.

Moreover, you need to have the Certificate of Registration when you want to open a bank account in the state the company is operating.

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