Buy Corporate Book & Seal


Buy Corporate Book & Seal

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Did you know that when you incorporate if you want your corporation to protect you and keep the IRS off of your back you will need articles, bylaws, minutes (your first meetings documented), stock certificates and a corporate seal.

Florida Corporate Kit Includes:
*Beautiful binder
*Your personalized corporate seal:
This seal is custom finished to include your company name, state and year of incorporation.
*Transfer ledger,
*personalized certificates,
*Minutes, Bylaws,

Like many, you may have set up your corporation with a competitor who did not give you all the legal documents you need to protect your personal assets and keep the IRS at bay.  We will be glad to set up the necessary documents to protect you and put you in a comfort zone with the IRS.  Your fee is only $120.00 and we can have your new documents ready for you the same day for an extra fee.

If you are a client and we have incorporated your business and you seek a copy of your book or a replacement we can complete this service for you for $100.00 and for an extra fee we could have the book ready for you on same day of the order.


Buy Corporate Book & Seal

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