Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

User convenience, administration, governance and compliance are the primary focus for ILANTUS solutions, combined with enhancement of existing business policies, security and increased workplace productivity. ILANTUS delivers solutions and services to meet business needs and satisfy any customer requirement.

ILANTUS gives customers the choice to select products and platforms, mix-and-match point and suite solutions, and make selections to meet the company’s specific needs. ILANTUS offers delivery choices that encompass enterprise, hosted, cloud and hybrid modes. The choice to select any combination of available products and platforms enables ILANTUS to provide customers the most flexibility for implementation, integration and pricing. This is the ILANTUS vision and mission.


ILANTUS has been a pioneer in the Identity and Access Management domain. Long recognized by customers, technology providers and analysts as a major force in IAM, ILANTUS has more than 14 years’ experience with all phases of the IAM lifecycle and products in the domain.

ILANTUS success is based on the ability to INNOVATE new solutions and offer true CHOICE to customers. The ILANTUS cornerstone is FLEXIBILITY.

Innovation + Choice = ILANTUS

Innovations from ILANTUS cloud-based identity led Gartner to recognize ILANTUS as a “Cool Vendor.” The choice to deploy any technology in any mode helped ILANTUS customer list grow more rapidly than most other vendors.

Customers can select ILANTUS solutions, any IAM suite product, a mix of point solutions; or a combination of the three – in a mix of on-premise or cloud deployments. ILANTUS ensures that all components are customized to meet precise organizational requirements and are fully integrated to work as a single solution. ILANTUS backs each custom solution with multiple options for supporting and managing the IAM environment.


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