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Buy Negative SEO Services


Do you have competitors that don`t play fair in terms of SEO? Then why should you? Hire us and we`ll do a negative SEO campaign and destroy your competition by building the worse possible backlinks towards their sites and keywords.

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Buy Negative SEO

Remove Competition with Negative SEO Services

Our top rated Negative SEO service utilizes sophisticated link building technologies to attack web pages with negative spam links. Each campaign includes hundreds of thousands to millions of bad links to decrease the rank of websites and web pages on search engine results. Negative SEO can be used to get above your competitor’s sites. It’s also used as a reputation management tool to get rid of negative search results.

Our Plans:

  • Level 1 =  500k spam backlinks, 10k high OBL spam comments, 100 toxic and malicious links

  • Level 2 =  1.5 Million backlinks, 50k comments and 250 toxic and malicious links

  • Level 3 =  3 Million backlinks, 100k comments and 500 toxic and malicious links

  • Level 4 = 10 Million backlinks, 200k comments and 1000 toxic and malicious links


Negative SEO attack Services. noindex bad competitors from Google. It works with any Website, video, blog, product or service.

Why should you play fair if they won`t? Are your competitors applying bad SEO tactics towards your already ranked website? FIGHT BACK. They won`t even know what hit them.

Negative SE0 is a ruthless tactic that is not for faint hearted search engine optimizer, do you have what it takes to de-rank your competitors and prosper in SERP glory?

What to do after a negative SEO attack

  1.  Do nothing about what appears to be either a negative SEO attack or a neglected link profile: this is simply like throwing your hands in the air when your physician says you have a health concern. Inaction will rarely fix the problem, and often only makes matters worse. Like the ostrich who buries its head in the sand, giving up on your website isn’t going to help matters.
  2. Change the permalinks on your affected pages and hope for the best (unless it is your main page!): most sites can simply change and remap their url structure to try to disassociate from unwanted links. However, this is a short term solution, and rarely effective.
  3. Hide from search engines: while this means that you probably won’t have to deal with concerns about your backlink profile, it also means you won’t be seen in the SERPS, so setting your site to noindex is not a viable solution.
  4. Try to rank again: this is a complex and laborious process, but using a large influx of links to dilute your keywords and increase the number of linking domains can help to reduce overoptimization. Still, if your site is already healthy, you should avoid blasting directly to your site as this could have negative results. Instead, you want to check out this service.
  5. Fight back: one way to deal with a site suffering from performance issues is to make up your mind to regain control of your site and ranking. Let us take care of the disavowal process and help you fight back by building a stronger online presence.

In a perfect world, site owners would not have to deal with this issue; however, we need to face reality rather than what we might wish the world was like. Sometimes to effect change, one has to be courageous and to take a bold step in the direction of rebuilding. That said, one should also be extraordinarily cautious when assuming that a ranking problem is always related to something someone else did. In fact, as we’ve already mentioned, many sites suffer because they hired a well-meaning, but incompetent SEO who built low-quality links that search engines didn’t like.

Yet, if you think you may have been the victim of a negative SEO attack and feel that your search engine ranking has plummeted because of it, contact us now to get back on track again with our link dilution and disavowal services.

Not only can we help you defend yourself from the effects of negative SEO tactics, but we can help you recover your lost rankings. This is not an easy process, nor is it a quick one; however, this is what you must do now. We are on your side, and are happy to help.

How To Tackle Negative SEO Attacks And Rule Over Search Engines

Wondering how to detect and deflect negative SEO attacks? We’ve got you covered with this informative guide covering the A-B-C of this “black hat” tactic.

As if understanding the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wasn’t enough, multiple sites are using negative SEO to sabotage online competitors.

Despite the strict authority and quality checks run by Google, some sly minds manage to find certain loopholes, allowing for unethical SEO practices. This lets the negative SEO practitioner disrupt the healthy and honest competition among websites, and claim high search engine rankings. 

Thus, it becomes important for an ethical online business to identify the different types of negative SEO attacks to safeguard its position in the competitive SEO space out there. 

What Is A Negative SEO Attack?

Negative SEO tactics involve manipulating Google rankings by indulging in “Black Hat SEO” practices. A negative SEO attack does not cause any changes in the appearance and functionality of a website but will significantly degrade search ranking and decrease the organic traffic. Hence, identifying a negative SEO attack has become more complicated nowadays. 

Moreover, negative SEO practitioners may be your competitors who want to take your market share, a newbie who wants to take the shortcut to success, or someone who’s just testing out the integrity of their own website SEO. Interestingly, a negative SEO attack may happen unintentionally, too. 

Types Of Negative SEO Tactics

Negative SEO consists of both on-page and off-page aspects, with some of the common tactics explained below… 

Spammy Links

PBNs (public blog networks), link farms, and more are common tools for spammers to generate low-quality links pointing towards your website. 

Initially started as a Gray Hat technique, a link farm is a bunch of interconnected bad links used to increase the popularity of a site or tarnish the reputation of another. Some site owners may even purchase such unnatural links to boost their own site’s ranking. 

However, ever since the Penguin algorithm in 2012 helped identify unnatural links to a great extent and penalized such backlinks.

Content Duplication 

Creating duplicate content from your website and spreading it across various web pages is another popular negative SEO practice. As a result, multiple web pages with the same content ranked high on search engines until Google introduced the Panda algorithm in 2011.

Now, when Google finds multiple duplicate contents, it picks one original version for ranking. Most of the time, it is successful in correctly picking the original source, but the algorithm is not 100% fail-proof. 

Efficiency Of Negative SEO

Since Google constantly updates itself to detect negative SEO practices accurately, hardly any SEO agency can benefit from link farms, fake reviews, and more. However, that does not make one’s website safe from attackers.

While Google can clearly distinguish between genuine backlinks and toxic links, low-quality content and a poor backlink profile may be more susceptible to a negative SEO attack. In hindsight, if you maintain the quality of your website, the SEO attacker may lose a lot of time, money, and effort, thereby getting the shorter end of the stick.

Thus, a negative SEO attack needs to be designed and executed cautiously to cause substantial harm to the competitor’s rankings. 

How To Know If  A Negative SEO Attack?

Despite the low chance of falling prey to negative SEO practitioners, Google isn’t completely reliable. Thus, here’s a list of measures you can take to protect your website from hackers… 

1. Reduce Your Loading Time

You already know how important fast loading time is for attracting viewers and gaining conversions. Thus, spammers often opt for slowing down your site and increasing server load by sending multiple requests per second without any intention of interacting with the website.

For this, you can use Google Analytics and enable email alerts to get notified every time your site slows down. Pingdom is another helpful tool that allows you to keep an eye on the loading time of your site.

Consequently, you may have to enable caching, optimize images, remove unnecessary plugins, and more.

2. Enable Google Search Console Email Alerts

For starters, connecting your website to Google Search Console will help prevent attacks as you will be notified in case of malware attacks, server connectivity issues, manual penalization, etc. Doing so will allow you to implement better SEO practices like disavowing links, monitoring backlinks, etc.

3. Check For Content Duplication

As mentioned earlier, content duplication is a quick and easy way out for hackers to practice negative SEO and harm your site reputation. So, to avoid penalization, you can use paid tools like Copyscape to check if your content contains any fake versions across the internet. 

All you have to do is copy and paste your content or URL on the given box, and search for results. Alternatively, you can upload files directly from your device. Thereafter, Copyscape will show a list of websites with matching content, accompanied by the percentage of matches. 

4. Secure Your Website 

Protecting your website from malware attacks can help a great deal in preventing high-profile hacking and other cyber offenses. And the best part is that you won’t require a lot of effort and money in doing so.

For instance, WordPress users can employ the Google Authenticator Plugin and enable the 2-step verification process. As a result, every time you try to log in, the Google Authenticator will send a code to your smartphone, which will be required to access the account.

Additionally, ensure that you create a strong, unique password and regular backups of your important files. And if your website allows viewers to install files, get in touch with your web hosting provider and opt for effective antivirus software solutions.

5. Monitor Backlinks Regularly

Statistically, a page with more backlinks gets more organic traffic on Google. Thus, manipulating your backlinks profile is the most common type of negative SEO attack, and regular site audits are essential for keeping spammers and attackers at bay. 

Thankfully, tools like Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, and SEMRush allow you to manually keep an eye on your profile, and recognize if someone is trying to add low-quality links. Additionally, it is best to opt for a tool that sends you email alerts when you gain new links or lose important backlinks.

6. Protect Important Backlinks

Negative SEO Service

Adding to the previous point, protecting good-quality links is the next step towards securing your website from attackers. For this, too, you can use the above-mentioned tools, classify your most important backlinks, and choose to receive notifications in case of any changes.

Further, you can contact site owners/webmasters to restore important backlinks if removed. While doing so, ensure that you use your domain address instead of Google or Yahoo IDs to prove credibility. 

Also, if the chosen SEO tool has an option to tag your best backlinks, do so for easier reference in the future. Consequently, you’ll be able to filter the backlinks and observe the status changes regularly. 

7. Administrate Your Social Media Activity 

All of us know that social media is a boon and a bane at the same time, especially for those trying to make a name in the online market. While it works efficiently to boost brand awareness and reach your target audience, it doesn’t take long to lose credibility if you’re not cautious.

As a result, attackers can easily harm your reputation by creating multiple spam accounts and leaving fake reviews for your products/services. In such a case, you can start by reporting such profiles before they get attention from other viewers.

You can further use tools like to find out who is using your brand name illegally. Basically, you will receive notifications whenever someone mentions your name online. Accordingly, you can determine whether you are being attacked and want to remove such engagement.

How To Detect And Deflect A Negative SEO Attack?

Now, let’s say, even after undertaking the above-mentioned steps, an SEO agency manages to attack your website. Fret not, we’ve got you covered for that, too… 

1. Recognize The Spam Links On Your Backlink Profile

Just as you can add tags for important links on the backlink profile, you can do the same for any recently created wrong links. However, you will have to check each link manually and identify the ones harming your Google rankings. 

We also recommend performing this check as soon as you get notified about new links or the removal of old links on your backlink profile. 

2. Remove Such Toxic Links

The next step is to remove the manipulative links from your backlink profile by contacting the webmaster or your hosting company. If you are unsure of whom to contact, you can search for the right company and email address from and

3. Create A Disavow File 

Google’s Disavow Tool is hands down the best of the lot for preventing link spam and protecting your site’s rankings. There are multiple SEO optimization tools that can help you create a disavow file and submit it to Google.

Note that such bad links may sometimes be created by accident, or the constant changes in the Google search algorithm may convert a useful link into spam. Thus, the disavow tool helps in all of such cases by removing bad links from your backlink profile. 

Final thoughts

With that, we come to the end of this extensive guide on negative SEO, its effects on your rankings and Google search results, and ways of tackling it. If you’ve got any issues with negative SEO services, visit our page here for more.

So, Order Now and Buy Negative SEO Services from here.

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