2021 New products digital keyless wireless gps signal radio relay amplifier repeater

2021 New products digital keyless wireless gps signal radio relay amplifier repeater



Product Description
Item No
Band 5/GSM/Band 3/Band 1
Frequency Range
Uplink: 825-835 / 890-915 / 1710-1785/ 1920-1980MHz
Downlink: 870-880 / 935-960 / 1805-1880 / 2110-2170MHz
Uplink 65±3dBi
Downlink 70±3dBi
Export Power
Power Supply
Input AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A
Output 12V 4.0A
258 x 196 x 20 mm
Coverage Area
black, white, blue
Pass Band Ripple
I/O Impedance
Connector Type
N female connector
Noise Figure
Transmission Delay
Ambient Temperature
To the GB6993-86 standard
Electromagnetic Compatibility
To the ETS300 694-4 standard
Company Introduction
Q: How much radiation does a cell phone booster emit?
A: Emissive power of a cell phone booster is typically less than 1 watt. Cell phone boosters can actually reduce the amount of radiation emitted by your cell phone. When a cell phone has weak signal, your cell phone will use more energy seeking a strong signal, causing it to output more radiation than it does with good signal strength.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified RF radiation from things like cell phones, cell boosters, and Wi-Fi as class 2B possible carcinogens. While this may sound serious, and potentially unsafe, other items that fall into that category include coffee, pickled vegetables, and styrofoam cups.

Q: Can your mobile signal repeater help my signal?
A: Most mobile phone users have experienced some sort of cellular network problems throughout the course of their overall mobile phone usage. Lack of signal, dropped calls and poor call quality are all caused by weak signal strength and network congestion.

If you experience any of these symptoms in your home/office, warehouse, facility or vehicle, a mobile repeater product can amplify the weak signal and provide full (4 or 5) bars of reception resulting in a strong, clear mobile signal.

The same applies if you experience weak or slow text messaging, 3G broadband, WAP or any other cellular function – our mobilesignal repeater kit can help you. For broadband data services, a cellular repeater will not only increase the coverage area, but it can improve data transfer speeds; unleashing the full potential of your mobile phone or 3G data card.

Please note that a mobile repeater cannot produce a signal in an area where there is absolutely no reception. However a mobile repeater can amplify a very poor signal in turn producing a very strong signal at the output.

One way to be sure if a repeater will work for you is to see if you can locate an area somewhere inside your home or outside in the near vicinity where your cell phone picks up some amount of signal, even if it is weak.

Here, a mobile signal repeater product will amplify a very poor signal and produce a strong one at the output. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a solution, please feel free to contact us.

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